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A rogue surgeon is persuaded by a fascist organisation to perform an illicit operation in order to execute a revenge attack on terrorists who killed his family.

Brief Synopsis

Amidst the political turmoil and rise of right wing British fascists, in a futuristic post-Brexit Britain, a brilliant surgeon is recruited to become a deadly rogue weapon in a revenge attack on suspected terrorists. After performing illegal surgery, he realizes his terrible mistake when innocent people start to die and the shocking truth starts to unfold. Who is calling the shots? Where does the chain of command end and what is their true agenda? Can he outwit them all and prevent a terrible atrocity before time runs out and he too becomes a victim?

A gripping and fast paced psychological thriller with stylish cinematography and shocking twists, guaranteed to leave you breathless on the edge of your seat.

Vanguard is written by James Owen and Laura Moon and will be directed by James Owen.

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