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Arthrofilm is a British independent production company founded in 2015, with a focus on narrative fiction. 

We value talented and dedicated colleagues and are privileged to be collaborating with exceptional writers, directors, producers, actors and other filmmakers,  to produce high quality content for film and television.


Our recently completed feature film BITE, a horror thriller with a run time of 99 minutes premiered in Leicester Square at FrightFest22 and is due for general release in early 2023.


Also on our slate is Vanguard is a British psychological thriller, backed by Brillstein Entertainment Partners in LA, and scheduled for production in 2023.

We are also in development and seeking investment for three other feature films The Rendezvous (a 1970s spy thriller), Blind Dogs (a 1940s Drama) and Tin Can (a dystopian sci-fi thriller).



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No art passes our conscience in the way film does,

         and goes directly to our feelings,

               deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.
                                                                                         -Ingmar Bergman

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