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Written by : James Owen   Directed by :  James Owen               (post production)

Genre :  Drama

Toby finds himself in trouble when his plan to stay out late after school, rather

than face his Dad’s new girlfriend, turns sour. 

Starring :   Toby John, James Wilbraham, Laurence Saunders, Caroline Frewin, Phillipa Flynn,  Tania Staite.


Running Time :  10 minutes

The Blood of Our Fathers

Written by : Daniel Mac-Gregor Gill   Directed by :  James Owen                   

Produced in association with : DogBelly Films

Genre :  Horror

A father goes to say goodnight to his son and get more than he bargained for.


Starring :  Toby John & Frazz Jarvis


Running Time :  2 minutes


Written & Directed by :  James Owen

Genre :  Thriller, Horror

A beautiful young woman living alone, becomes the target of a psychopathic serial killer who sends her intimidating messages and video clips as he stalks her.


Starring :  Helen Coathup Collier.

Additional cast :  James Wilcock


Running Time :  7 minutes


Written & Directed by :  James Owen

Genre :  Comedy, Drama 


A cyclist takes solace in the religious routine of his weekly Sunday ride after his girlfriend leaves him. What will it take for him to find love and can a few minutes delay really change his fate so much ?


Starring :  Cameron Sheik, Sophia Winkler.

Additional cast :  Rex Tuckey, Christine Winkler, Lloyd Maskery, Paddy Rayment, Simon Linton, Flavio Bosich, Gary Saffin, Ian Carter, Richard Brain, Vincent Arts, Reza Karimi, Agata Biesiadocka, Erzsebet Domokos, Carol Horlock 


Running Time :  13 minutes

LIFECYCLES SHORT FILM arthrofilm maisy at the junction
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Written & Directed by :  James Owen

Genre :  Comedy 


From their attic hideaway Alfie and Tobias Johnston plan a heist of their favorite biscuits from the supermarket home delivery but they are not the only ones on a mission. They must outwit a ninja and giant reptile if they are to succeed.


Starring :  Toby John, Thomas Owen, Joesph Owen


Running Time :  9 minutes

JAFFACAKES SHORT FILM arthrofilm. peaking through the door
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