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Amidst the political turmoil and rise of right wing British fascists, a brilliant surgeon is recruited to become a deadly rogue weapon in a revenge attack on suspected terrorists. After performing illegal surgery he realizes his terrible mistake when innocent people start to die. 


A gripping and fast paced psychological  thriller with stylish cinematography and shocking twists, guaranteed to leave you breathless on the edge of your cinema seat.

Vanguard is written and to be directed by James Owen, with Hollywood based Brillstein Entertainment Partners' Jai Khanna on board as executive producer and original music score by composer Ash Madni. Arthrofilm has assembled a production team with a wealth of experience in the film industry having collaborated together many times on feature films, television dramas and  promotions.

The proof of concept teaser trailer was filmed in October 2016. and pre-production will be complete by August 2017.

Vanguard will be released in 2018 and has an estimated running time of 110 minutes.


'Don't miss out!            




Get involved in this shocking story, with behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast and crew and chances to win limited edition memorabilia '

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