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The skin of your teeth will be all that’s left.



Pursued by a dangerous criminal after a failed theft, con artists Nina and Yaz get more than they bargained for when they target a seemingly innocent elderly widow.


Nina is desperate to put her life back on track having narrowly escaped from psychotic gangland criminal Roman, after her alcoholic, drug addicted partner and incompetent con artist, Yaz, gets her involved in yet another disastrous con. Furiously blaming each other, Yaz dumps Nina roadside, in the middle of nowhere, to fend for herself. Soaked and alone she accepts a lift from passing motorist Beryl, a sweet but rather odd widow, who is keen to take on a lodger and offers Nina a bed for the night and the prospect of a new start, but her emotional ties to Yaz are hard to break, and with Roman out for revenge and time running out Yaz persuades Nina to target Beryl in one last job, hoping to score some cash and run. Returning to the confines of Beryl’s home they discover the shocking truth behind this seemingly innocent woman and her family. Incarcerated in a nightmare version of suburbia and consumed with fear Nina, Yaz and Roman find themselves fighting desperately for their lives.


BITE is a feature length horror thriller written by Tom Critch and James Owen and being produced and directed by James Owen. To be filmed in several phases between November 2017 and June 2018 with phase one scheduled from 10-19th November 2017 at arthrofilm studios in The Midlands. Shout Loud Films are casting in September 2017.


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